Discover Artist inspired Gifts!

USA Gifts is the exclusive distributor of izzikis (pronounced "eye zeek ee's") brand bags, totes and other items enhanced with an artistic eye, creating (hopefully) a unique and interesting design for a useful and attractive product.


Welcome to "USA Gifts"! We're not your average ecommerce store, oh no. We're all about bringing you the quirkiest, most unique products out there. And when we say unique, we mean it! We've got bags, totes, and other items that are like nothing you've ever seen before.

Many of our products are "Custom Crafted" especially for you as soon as you order, which is why it takes us a bit longer to deliver to you.  This can range from 2 days to 14 business days, with the average around 5 business days plus shipping.   In most cases you should receive your product within 8 to 10 business days. 

Our site is structured with pages for each state we feature under "Themes", category of products under "Product Groups" and subject matter of the images under "Subject".  There are other areas you can explore for information and updates.

Selecting "Themes" you will see all products designed to match states in content, style, color, location and representative images.

Selecting "Product Groups", will show you all items in that product category, such as Totes or Home Goods--with sub-groups.

Selecting "Subject", will show you all of the items in that category, such as Landscapes or Desert/Cactus.

So, whether you're looking for a statement piece or a practical accessory, "USA Gifts" has got you covered. We're here to make your shopping experience fun, exciting, and full of surprises. Because life's too short for boring bags and totes, right?

So go ahead, explore our pages, discover our artsy designs, functional utility,  and unique state themed products, and find that perfect item that speaks to your dynamic style. We promise you won't be disappointed. Happy shopping!