What We Do

Introduction to the process of POD and AOP.

What we do:

Over 95% of the USA Gifts products have unique designs that have been curated by us.  These products are custom designed and manufactured utilizing an on-demand manufacturing process. All the images are created by us.  They are unique and are either personally created based on Ted Clifton’s artwork or created by Ted Clifton aided by software and AI. 

These items are manufactured by three companies, headquartered in North Carolina, California, and Canada, who print the images using various techniques on a variety of materials, then cut and sew the finished product.  This only occurs after an order has been submitted.  Every item is custom manufactured.

Process for Print-on-Demand All-Over-Print Products


Print-on-Demand (POD) services have revolutionized the fashion industry by allowing customizable designs to be printed on various items, including handbags, totes, duffels, apparel and more. All-Over-Print (AOP) bags are particularly popular due to their unique and personalized designs. This report outlines the process involved in creating and producing AOP products through print-on-demand services.

  1. Design Creation:

The process begins with the creation of unique design for the product, in this case a handbag. USAG uses graphic design software including AI to create artwork that covers the entire surface area of the handbag. These designs can range from intricate patterns to custom illustrations, depending on the artist’s preferences.  All USAG designs are artist inspired.

  1. Template Specification:

Once the design is finalized, it needs to be adapted to fit the specific template provided by the print-on-demand service. The template typically outlines the dimensions and proportions of the handbag, ensuring that the design aligns correctly when printed. Designers adjust their artwork to fit within these parameters, ensuring no important elements are cut off during printing.

  1. Digital Printing:

After the design is tailored to the template, it is ready for printing. Print-on-demand services utilize digital printing techniques to transfer the design onto the handbag fabric. Specialized printers are used to ensure high-resolution printing, capturing even the smallest details of the artwork. The printing process is quick and efficient, allowing for on-demand production without the need for large-scale inventory.

  1. Quality Control:

Once printed, the handbags undergo rigorous quality control checks to ensure accuracy and consistency. Quality control measures may include inspecting the color accuracy, checking for any printing defects or imperfections, and verifying that the design aligns correctly with the bag's seams and edges.

  1. Handbag Assembly:

After passing quality control, the printed fabric is then cut and sewn into the final handbag shape. Skilled craftsmen assemble the handbags, ensuring that each piece meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Any additional features, such as zippers, straps, or linings, are also added during this stage.

  1. Packaging and Shipping:

Once assembled, the finished handbags are carefully packaged and prepared for shipping. Print-on-demand services typically handle the packaging and fulfillment process, ensuring that orders are shipped promptly to customers around the world. Packaging materials may include protective wraps or boxes to ensure that the handbags arrive in perfect condition.


The process for producing print-on-demand AOP handbags involves several key steps, from design creation to final assembly and shipping. By leveraging digital printing technology and on-demand production methods, print-on-demand services offer a cost-effective and efficient solution for creating personalized and unique bags tailored to individual preferences.

USAG designs are heavily influenced by Southwest USA images and colors.  We will continue to expand our inventory of designs and products, but the southwest influence will remain constant.