Letter From Owner


Hello, my name is Ted Clifton, I’m the owner of USA Gifts, LLC, a small business located in Denver, Colorado.  My background is writing, art, finance and accounting—yes that is an odd mix. 

Started this site to feature various products which reflected images associated with six states, mostly southwestern states.  The states are Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and California.  As an artist my work has been strongly influenced by New Mexico, where I lived for some years; and Colorado, where I currently live.

My books, (14 to date) which you can see at www.tedclifton.com, all took place in this region.  Beyond the basic idea of the site, I was not sure what it was going to be—and it is still evolving.

Working with me on the site is my wife, Marilyn (we also wrote a book together) and my daughter, Lori.  They provide daily input, yes almost always requested, regarding products and ideas.

Lori is working on staging events in and around Colorado.  These events will, of course, feature our products.  Lori lives in Bayfield, Colorado, which is close to Durango.  She has several events coming up in that area, which we will post on our events page.

At any time if you have ideas, or suggestions (please keep it civil) regarding our products or the site please contact me directly at tclifton@myusagifts.com.

Also, if you ever have a problem, please contact me.  Obviously, we do not manufacture these products, and most are shipped by fulfillment companies—but we are responsible for any issues that arise. 

Please be aware that most of these products are made after you place your order.  Due to this there will be a longer time for you to receive the item than compared to products in inventory.  Typically, this will add 4 to 5 days of production time, plus a “normal” shipping time.

The site’s purpose was to create products utilizing images that I created or curated; and ones that I liked.  Okay, that sounds a little strange, but that is what it is.  Each product has been designed by me, or selected by me; not because I think I’m some perfect person to do that, but because they reflect my sense of art, color and design.  My paintings, drawings and designs lean toward bold colors, strong impactful style with an overriding southwest flavor.  In almost all cases that is what you will see on this site. 

I hope you will like what we have done, but we sure understand if it isn’t your cup of tea.

We will continue to grow and offer more designs and products.  We do believe as we get more history, we may refocus on what is popular, but we will always offer a little bit that is offbeat.

Thank you,

Ted Clifton